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Amir Al-Momenin Cold Store

The most successful exporter of dates

Amir Al-Momenin Cold Store in Bam City


Amir Al-Momenin cold store was founded in 2004 with the efforts of Mohammad Ranjbar in the Amirabad region of Bam city as the Iranian date center with the aim of producing, packaging, and delivering the highest quality Mazafati.

This complex with covering about 30 hectares of palm lands, and containing 3000 tons cold store, a packaging room, and a dedicated laboratory is one of the most successful producers and exporters of dates. Many years of successful experience of exporting to most of the world, including Canada, Poland, India, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, etc., is the result of the work commitment and proper system of delivery.

Amir al-Muminin cold store has successfully obtained health license certificates from Iran Food and Drug Administration, Safety Standard and Food Health from IEC UK, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) from Global Qcert Germany, Iran Standard, and all legal and international licenses. The packaging of dates is based on customers’ needs and tastes and is according to global standards. DEHSHTOR and Amirabad brands are the main brands of the complex and are well known in the domestic and foreign markets.

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Imam Ali said:

Eat dates because it cures the pain.

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Imam Sadiq said:

Women who have given birth should know that they can't find anything like fresh dates to heal them because God granted Mary fresh dates in her postpartum period.

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Imam Ali said:

Open your children's mouths with dates; the Prophet did so with Hassan and Hussein.

Services Amir Al-Momenin Cold Store

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Distribution of all types of boxes and their accessories such as plastics, stapler, staple, glue, glue machine, etc.

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Free Service

The delivery services of dates from the gardens to the cold store are free for the welfare of respected farmers of Bam city and the neighboring village.

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Shipping Basket

Various types of high-quality baskets of grades 1, 2, and 3.

High-Quality Dates: Amirabad and DEHSHTOR Brands


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The Received Standard

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