Amir Al-Momenin cold storage

Success in the field of date exports

Amir Al-Momenin morgue in Bam

This cold storage was established in 1983 with the efforts of Mr. Mohammad Ranjbar in the Amirabad area of Bam city as the center of Bam dates with the aim of producing, packing and presenting the highest quality Mazafati dates.

This complex is one of the successful producers and exporters in the field of dates with about 30 hectares of groves, 3000 tons of cold storage, packing hall. Also several years of successful experience in exporting to most countries including Canada, Poland, India, Germany, France, Russia. , Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. The result of work commitment and proper order delivery system.

It has succeeded in obtaining health license certificates from the Food and Drug Administration, food safety and health standards from IEC UK, HACCP critical point control standard from Global Kyusert Germany and Iranian standard and all legal and international licenses. Packing of dates according to needs and tastes Customer and in accordance with international standards. Dehshtar, Amirabad brands are the main brands of this collection and are known in the domestic and foreign markets.

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Imam Ali says:

Open your children's mouths with dates The Prophet did the same with Hassan and Hussein

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Imam Sadegh says:

Women who have given birth should know that something like dates cures them after giving birth

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Imam Ali says:

Eat dates because it cures pain

Amir Al-Momenin cold storage services

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Distribution of all types of cartons and their necessities such as staples, staples, plastics, adhesives, etc

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free Transportation

For the welfare of the esteemed farmers of Bam city and neighboring villages, the service of transporting dates from orchards to the cold storage is ready to provide free services.

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Basket Sales

Types of quality baskets of first-class and second-class type

Quality dates with Amirabad and Dehshtar brands

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