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Exporting dates in Iran and what is the best way to export

Dates are another valuable and lucrative export agricultural product of Iran and date export is one of the 5 agricultural export products
The export of dates in Iran is in seven categories: Mazafati, Colonial, Shahani, Zahedi, Bekab, Payavarm and other dates. Among these, Mazafati dates in simple and dry forms have the most exports. Pyarom dates are the most expensive dates for export in Iran

What are the most important problems in the export of dates in iran
High amount of foreign exchange contract
No refrigerated counters
Cumbersome customs formalities
Improper packaging
A waste of time on customs routes in ports
Borders and airports
Existence of tough competitors in global markets
Lack of proper and timely advertisements about Iranian dates
Improper rating

Considering that Iranian dates are exported to 52 countries of the world and cause currency exchange, it is necessary to pay attention to the points that lead to better exports. Presented dates in small packages in European markets. This requires very good packaging and compliance with the food standards of the buyer countries. Should

Producers should plan for processed date products because they have a higher added value

Dates are known in the world customs with tariff code (HS Code) number 080410
This code includes all types of dates, whether fresh or dried

Countries exporting dates

Iran is the world’s largest exporter of dates with 17% of the world market share. Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel are next with 16, 10, 10 and 8% of the world’s brick exports, respectively
The most valuable export date in the world belongs to Sri Lanka with a unit price of 15,000 dollars

In importing this product, India has the highest import rate in the world with 15%. Morocco and the UAE are the next largest importers of dates
The UAE seems to supply part of its export dates through imports. It imports dates from other countries and re-exports them or so-called Re-Exports

The best destinations for exporting dates from Iran are India, UAE and Iraq due to the amount of export potential and ease of trade relations between the two countries

Iran has the closest export link with Armenia

The Indian market has the highest demand capacity for the export of this product

India shows the largest difference between its export potential and actual exports in terms of value, with a residual export capacity of $ 53.0 million

With the development of the agricultural and horticultural industry in our country compared to previous years, a window has been opened for us to export dates to other countries at cheap prices. Exporting dates can also bring good currency to our country. There are various ways to export dates in our country, so it is better to consult with experts to choose

In previous years, Iran’s position among the countries producing and exporting dates was good, but now our country is among the top ten countries producing dates in the world. This year, statistics show that the export of quality dates to countries such as; Iraq and Turkey are also in the first grade and high quality. On the other hand, we also have the markets of Qatar and Eastern countries

Export of dates

Due to the importance of quality and proper packaging in recent years, companies exporting dates have been able to export their products to European countries and have a good exchange rate for the country

Dates have been exported to Iran for many years by gardeners and producers in the south of our country, and high-quality Iranian dates are exported to neighboring countries and other countries through border terminals

It is safe to say that Iranian export dates are one of the most popular garden products that have many fans around the world. This product is one of the most suitable food for export, because it does not spoil quickly, which makes it possible for the consumer to transport the product and export healthy dates. There are many countries in the world that want to export Iranian dates to their country

Buyers of dates for export within the country are usually large and small products that after buying dates from southern gardeners process this product and export it to other countries in appropriate packaging